Running A Company Under Indonesian Laws by Bagus Nur Buwono and Prof Sulistiowati
16 December 2021

Our Managing Partner, Bagus S D Nur Buwono, in collaboration with Prof Sulistiowati of the Faculty of Law at Gadjah Mada University, has made an impactful contribution to the legal community with the release of his book on the ins and outs of the different business entities in Indonesia and other foreign jurisdictions.


This book is the result of a rare collaboration between an academic and a practicing corporate lawyer duly recognized in his legal field. This book has a distinctive feature as it provides equal coverage of both the theoretical and practical aspects of the various forms of business entities operating under the Indonesian law.


Moreover, apart from having a comparative approach with other jurisdictions, it also discusses the relevant Indonesian court decisions to provide additional perspectives on how the judges interpret the provisions stated in Indonesia’s Company Law. Readers will get a comprehensive and unparalleled legal perspective of these business entities.


Thank you to our lawyers and clients and everyone who had a hand in making this book a reality.


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Thank you!


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