Covid-19 Foreigner Ban Extended
16 February 2021

With the emergence of the newest Covid-19 mutations, namely B-117, Bl 17, D614G, and Pl variants, Indonesian officials are left with no choice but to extend the foreigner (“WNA”) ban. As of February 9th 2021, entry ban for WNA travelling to Indonesia from overseas both by air and sea that was to initially end on February 8th has been prolonged under Ministry of Transportation Decree No. 21 of 2021 on Implementation Guidelines of International Air Travel During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Decree No. 22 of 2021 on Extension of the Execution of Implementation Guidelines for International Travel by Sea During the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Under the regulations above, apart from those who (i) has visas or living permits as described under the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 26 of 2020; (ii) are permitted under the Travel Corridor Arrangement (“TCA”); and/or (iii) are permitted by written consent of the Ministry/ Government agency, WNA are not allowed to enter Indonesia whether directly or for transit purposes.


Requirements for Entry


Both Indonesian nationals (“WNI”) and exempted WNA coming from overseas as described above are allowed to enter the country so long as they: (i) Show a negative Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (“RT PCR”) test result taken at maximum 3 x 24 hours before the time of flight; and (ii) Are re-tested through RT PCR followed by a centralized 5 (five) day mandatory quarantine upon arrival. If the traveller remain negative after the 5 (five) days, then whether WNI or WNA, they can enter the country with a recommended 14 (fourteen) day independent quarantine. In the event that the second test shows positive results, the traveller will be treated in a designated hospital. Costs of both quarantine and hospitalization for WNI are covered by the government.


Foreign air personnel arriving from international travel must test negative by RT PCR in the country of origin within 7 x 24 hours before flight, and are only allowed to stay in Indonesia for transit in the designated area/facility provided by their aircraft operator. Indonesian air personnel are also required to undergo RT PCR upon arrival, unless they did not leave the plane and did not Remain Overnight (“RON”) overseas.


Ship crew, while regarded as Covid-19 key workers as regulated under the Director General of Sea Transportation Decree No. 43 of 2020 on Change and Return of Ship Crew and Port Services During Covid-19 Pandemic Implementation Guidelines, are not allowed to leave the ship unless in emergency or for change and return of ship purposes. All ship crew coming on board or getting off the ship are to undergo RT PCR Test followed by a 5 (five) day quarantine.


Foreign Workers


Applications for new Foreign Workers (“TKA”) are currently suspended. While this ban was supposed to end on 25 January 2021, it has been prolonged until further notice by the Ministry of Manpower Decree No. M/3/HK.04/11/2021 on Services for Foreign Worker Use During Coronavirus Disease Prevention Efforts. Foreign workers already in Indonesia are permitted to stay in the country provided that their employer submits an appeal.  

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