BE Partners Participates in PracticeForte’s Lte Ltd “Building a Mediation Practice”
17 May 2023

Our Jonathan Cheong and Rully Faradhila Ariani recently attended PracticeForte’s Pte. Ltd. event “Building a Mediation Practice” for mediation professionals, lawyers, counsellors, and psychologists from various professional jurisdictions.


This “Building a Mediation Practice” event provided valuable insight in the growth and efficiency of mediation for all types of jurisdictional issues without the need for legal proceedings. Users of Mediation also shared their experiences and testimonials on the success of mediation in resolving disputes amicably.


The event proceeded to be broken up to smaller break rooms which allowed for in-depth discussions and information of the rise and importance of mediation in countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, etc.


BE Partners continues to establish their reputation and increase awareness of alternative dispute resolutions, such as Mediation, and its role in re-shaping the mindset and landscape of how parties resolve disputes without the need of any legal proceedings.

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