BE Partners Has Been Featured in Manage HR APAC Magazine
25 May 2023

In light of the on-going development of employment governmental regulations targeted at stimulating economic growth and create jobs, BE Partners has been nominated and achieved the award of being the “Top Employment Law Firm in APAC 2023” within this year’s Manage HR Magazine APAC Employment Law Edition.


HR Magazine APAC conducted an exclusive interview with our Bagus Nur Buwono discussing about the management and importance of running one of Indonesia’s Foremost Corporate and Commercial Law Firm.


Bagus discussed the importance of exploring Indonesia as a unique opportunity for international investors and enterprises seeking to penetrate the largest economy in South-East Asia.


Whilst providing insightful tactics and methodology of maneuvering Indonesia’s multifaceted legal landscape, Bagus continues to ensure that each client is equipped with the specific industry tools such as regulatory information, governmental policies, and market conditions for feasible business development. Addressing all their critical challenges.


This international award of being the Top Employment Law Firm within the Top 10 Employment Law Firms in APAC and exclusive interview is an extremely insightful feature covering the continuous successful development of one of Indonesia’s leading corporate & commercial law firms.

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