BE Partners' Annual Office Outing
06 October 2022

We at BE Partners are excited to share a glimpse of our recent visit to Ujung Kulon for our annual company outing. The name Ujung Kulon represents the westmost tip of the island of Java and is synonymous with the meaning West End or West Point.


Our team had the pleasure of staying at Peucang Island which is located within the parameters of Ujung Kulon National Park, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 for containing the largest remaining lowland rainforest in Java - home to the Javanese rhinoceros seeking refuge after years of poaching, leaving them classed as critically endangered.


The park also protects 57 rare plant species and 35 mammal species including the Javan bull, silvery gibbon, Javan lutung, Sumatran dhole, Javan deer, and smooth coated otter, as well as 72 reptile and amphibian species and 240 species of birds.


The Javan tiger was unfortunately declared extinct in the 1960s, although recent sightings have suspected few have remained to roam around the well-hidden habitat within the park away from prying eyes.


BE Partners is very honoured and grateful to have been able to take this opportunity to walk the grounds of our country’s beloved nature reserve, and to have been able to see the wonderous sights Indonesia has to offer.


We ended our trip with a stronger sense of togetherness as a firm and a deep appreciation for the beauty that is our nation and all the life forms it contains. Snapshots of our journey into Ujung Kulon are contained on our social media!

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