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With highly substantial and extensive span of experience and knowledge, our insurance team handled complex and challenging transactions and well equipped to guide through specific issues and regulation maze to protect our clients against key risks while also to understand and achieve their objectives.


Our Achievements as a Law Firm in Handling Insurance Transactions 


Bagus Enrico & Partners is one of the leading Indonesian law firms that is currently gaining respect and traction within the market for works on insurance transactions and acquisitions on behalf of large public companies. Our reputation has been further established by acquiring retainer commitments as the provider of advisory services to major international insurance players operating in Indonesia.


Shariah Financing


Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population in the world, wherein Sharia-compliant finance is undoubtedly a growing financial sector across many financial and investment institutions.


We strive in continually providing advisory legal services extending from sharia life insurance businesses to their plausibility of insurance products compliant with Sharia law. Ensuring that our clients raise capital if required in accordance with Sharia Law with clear avoidance of riba (usury) and gharar (ambiguity or deception).