Our lawyers are legal advisors for commercial property, real estate, etc.

Real Estate Growth in Indonesia


There is nothing more perplexing than hearing that real estate and property matters are standard transactions. That simple word belies the fact that real estate in Indonesia has, in reality, taken phenomenal leaps and bounds over the last two decades, exploding onto the international scene as a hub for investment grade, commercial and residential properties with high-end potential growth.


Real estate law covers the ownership and use of land in any particular transaction. We handle the transaction, ensure that any problems between the buyer and the seller are resolved, and deal with the contracts necessary to ensure that the deal is successful. This means that we as real estate professional attorneys need to be proficient in the field of contract law.


From homeownership to buying a place of business, property law is helping people and businesses as they undergo this very important transition. As lawyers in this field, we can handle residential or commercial property matters, or you can do both. As property attorneys, we can be involved in a wide variety of property-based transactions.


We like property lawyers do the work including negotiating property transactions, arranging arrangements for transportation or investment, and preparing documentation, such as contracts, to complete transactions.


Investment Prospects in Indonesia


With sound infrastructures propelled by major governmental initiatives coupled with endless investment potential in secondary cities across Indonesia, this only continues to strengthen the investment outlook in such an area. 


The Presence of BE Partners in Commercial Property Law


We are dedicated to providing the best lawyers and top-notch service, we juggle a portfolio of mixed transactional commercial real estate & property such as:

  • Industrial estate
  • Tourism
  • Land and Property Acquisition
  • Resort and Hotel Development 
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sub-lease, Leases & Tenancies
  • Property Financing and Mortgage