Experienced lawyer on building and construction law in Indonesia

Infrastructure development that continues to be developed by the government is a positive thing in Indonesia. As this continues, there is a need for lawyers to regulate the Construction Law Indonesia process and ensure the smooth running of the law.


Construction Law lawyer is centered on work that involves early dispute resolution through settlement, arbitration, third party mediation, or vice versa, litigation and adjudication. And of course, this involves a variety of different tasks, from the side of preparing and negotiating a building project and assisting in the procurement of various resources and materials, to advising on environmental, insurance, and health and safety issues.


Our lawyers have been actively involved in many building and infrastructure construction businesses in Indonesia with years of experience in the field of Construction Law


As the best Building Construction Lawyer provider in Indonesia, our team of talented individuals with diverse industry experience over the years enhances our advice to cover not only legal and regulatory standards but also specific industry standards and nuances, a value-added feature. our clients. have really appreciated it over the years.


The firm has been actively involved in many noteworthy ventures including:

  • Power plant construction
  • Water treatment
  • Utilities
  • Highways
  • Toll Road